What Is PC Software?

PC software is a collection of programs that make computers more useful, efficient and entertaining. It can include word processors, video game graphics and design tools and online communication software.

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PC software is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to function. It translates code written in a programming language into instructions for the computer’s hardware devices such as memory storage or display hardware like monitors.

Application software is designed to perform a specific task for end users, such as word processors or online communication programs. It also includes multimedia and music applications, video games or productivity apps such as a to-do list or calculator.

The letters “PC” stand for personal computers, which used to be known as IBM-compatibles before the 1990s. Today, most of the world’s PCs run Windows operating systems from Microsoft or macOS from Apple on Intel hardware. However, alternatives exist, including open-source Linux and free Unix-like OSes from Commodore and Xandros. PCs are the most common computer platform worldwide. They are often cheaper and more widely compatible with web-based applications than Apple’s Macintosh computers, though they have a greater vulnerability to viruses.


Software can allow you to accomplish tasks that would be impossible with just a manual system. Examples include digital photo editing, sophisticated computer gaming and video streaming. Additionally, developers are constantly creating new programs that offer even more functionality to users.

Software applications can often be installed and activated without a subscription. However, it is important to keep systems software updated. This helps reduce the risk of systems becoming infected with malware or having other issues.

Typically, desktop-only software will require a subscription. This can be a more convenient option for companies that want to have access to the latest updates and features. It also helps to reduce the cost of hardware, utilities and software storage space. It also helps to minimize the time needed to install upgrades and perform system maintenance. Additionally, it helps to make it easier to monitor and manage security measures. It can also help to limit the number of people who have access to the software.


There are several different types of computer software. Each is designed to perform a specific function. Most are written in a high-level programming language and run on the computer’s operating system. Some are installed on the hardware, while others are accessed and used from an online repository.

The most commonly used software is an operating system. The best-selling OS is Windows, but there are alternatives like the free ‘open source’ Linux. The operating system manages input data from the user and controls outputs to the display. It also provides an environment for other software to function within.

Other software includes device drivers, which control specific hardware devices attached to the computer. They translate human-readable commands into machine language so that other software can communicate with the hardware. Utility software offers a variety of functions to aid in analyzing, optimizing and configuring the computer. These include antiviruses, disk cleanup and management tools and defragmenters. Other common types of application software are video games, word processors, design and graphics programs and online communication tools such as email, Skype or Google Hangouts.