Accelerated Software – Make Your Computer Faster And More Stable In Minutes

What Accelerated Software offer to you?Accelerated Software

  • Increase Your Computer Speed by up to 100%
  • Reduce Windows and Application Crashes!
  • Optimize Your Virtual Memory to Make Your Hard Disk Run Better!
  • Helps Stop Internet Explorer Freezing and Crashing!
  • Save $100’s in Costly Hardware Upgrades!
  • Control Which Programs Start When You Start Windows!
  • Make Windows Start Faster!
  • Cleans Your Hard Disk Files Making Your PC Run Better!
  • Thoroughly Uninstalls Your Unwanted Programs!
  • Registry Cleaner to Clear Invalid Registry Entries!
  • System Tweaker to fine-tune Basic Functions of Your Computer!
  • Internet Privacy to Clean Internet History, Cookies, and Cache!
  • System Backup & Restore With a FTP Backup Option!

“Why pay $199 for a new Windows XP version when you can buy this special bundle software package which does almost the same job at a fraction of the Cost?”

Release RAM is an inexpensive alternative to upgrading to Windows XP.
Why? Many people are buying Windows XP because it is more stable and crashes less. This special offer contains three software programs which will help make your computer run faster and crash less!

The savings can be huge especially if you have more than one computer. Microsoft is making you pay for each computer that you install Windows XP on. With this special offer you can increase the stability of your existing system for only $29.95 (or $49.99 with System LifeGuard) on up to 3 computers. That’s a saving of hundreds of dollars on upgrade costs!

On older slower computers, Windows XP will actually slow your computer down as it requires a lot of resources to run it. Release RAM will actually make your computer run faster.

This special offer comes with a Risk Free Money Back Guarantee (more info) so if it does not work for you, and if we cannot help you make it run as advertised then you can get your money back.

A Review on Release RAM

Since the beginning of recorded history, the human race has always sought the unobtainable. The Holy Grail, the fountain of youth, the silver bullet, the miracle pill – a day without the dreaded Window’s Blue Screen of Death, or worse yet, the distinct impression you are now looking at nothing more than a screen shot of what used to be a responsive and functional operating system.

Having been a faithful Windows user (like I really had much of a choice until recently) since it was first released, and having tried almost every software program that claims to monitor and prevent Window’s crashes, I do believe I have found a solution that works far better than all the rest.

Release RAM is a small program that constantly monitors the amount of available RAM on your system. Sure, we all know Windows is notorious for using too much RAM and memory leaks. Add to that all the third party applications that load huge DLLs into RAM and then leave them there even after the application is terminated – but I had no idea how bad the situation was until I could see it happening in real time – constantly updated right in my task bar.

I must admit I push my Windows 98 machines pretty hard. Most only have 128 MB of RAM which you would think would be more than enough as long as I not messing with full length pirated DVD movies or something. Anyway, after installing a version of Release Ram, I was amazed to see how much of my available RAM was used – and never returned – during the course of opening, using and then closing the various programs I use throughout the day. Its not uncommon to see a newly launched program take 10 – 30 MB of RAM. But to see it only return 1 -5 MB when its closed gets a little discouraging. Do this a few times with various programs and you soon find Windows acting very strangely (or not at all) because it simply does not have any available RAM to use to do whatever it is that Windows does.

Before installing Release RAM, I would experience a total Windows crash at least once per day. On many days such crashes were a constant companion. After installing Release RAM and setting up some of its many automated functions, I sat back in amazement about a week later to realize that I had not experienced a single Windows crash since firing up this little gem of a program. I have my copy set to launch with Windows, wait 60 seconds after all those nasty little Terminate and Stay Resident programs load – then to automatically free up at least 88 MB of RAM. I also have it set to check every 30 minutes and make sure I have at least 64 MB free, and if not, to make it so. If my system every drops below 5MB of available RAM, the program automatically jumps in and frees up all the available RAM that is not being currently used by the programs I have open.

Well, being very busy and all that, I didn’t register Release RAM with my registration key. I was automatically notified of this by the program after a few days, which also informed me that many of the automated monitoring features were now disabled. However, the one feature still intact was the ability to right-click on the little Release RAM icon in the System Tray to automatically release my designated 88 MB of RAM. I used this feature often as I watch the amount of available RAM drop like a thermometer in the Arctic the more I used my machine.

Then, after a few days later all features were disabled except the little Task Bar area that displays the amount of available RAM in real time. I watched in horror several times as I noticed my RAM had gone down to less than 1 MB (although I had closed all open programs) and I mistakenly launched yet another program. Kaazam! Man, I could swear my keyboard and mouse used to do something here – after waiting about 5 minutes for some kind of life from Windows, I resorted to the old reset switch, then to find my email with my registration.

If I had the time, I would love to do a benchmark test because I know I personally have had about 95% fewer crashes, slow downs and weird goings on since installing this program. I would highly recommend this product for anybody using Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP. Future updates are all free.

Now you don’t have to rush to a store to buy Windows XP or extra memory just so you won’t have as many Windows crashes. Release RAM will manage your computer memory and resources so that you will forget about Windows crashes, while Acceleration Startup Manager will help you to diagnose which programs can be causing problems to your computer while making your computer start faster.

System LifeGuard

Every time you run programs or use the internet, unwanted files and procedures are stored on your hard disk. Just using your computer normally, accumulates old material that begins to slow down the operation of your hardware and software.
So just like your car’s engine needs a regular service to keep it running smoothly, your computer needs System LifeGuard to safely and simply wash away technical clutter, maintain peak operating efficiency, and protect your vital data from loss.

System LifeGuard

System LifeGuard Features :

  • Easy to use – wizard-driven interface
  • Finds and deletes all junk files
  • Organizes your data
  • Cleans up your registry
  • Safely uninstalls your unwanted programs
  • Compresses and backs up your vital data
  • Finds and removes invalid links.
  • Detects large or obsolete files.
  • Protects your privacy by removing all traces of internet activity
  • Click here to find out more

System LifeGuard is available as an additional extra to our Release RAM bundle.

This Special Offer Also Includes Acceleration Startup Manager

Acceleration Startup Manager
Acceleration Startup Manager :

  • Controls what programs start when you start Windows
  • Make your computer start and run faster
  • Helps locate programs which take up too much system resources
  • Helps to diagnose which programs can be causing problems to your computer

Does your computer crash often?
Do you get that Blue Screen of Death?
Does Internet Explorer Freeze Up all the Time?
Does your computer become slower the longer you use it?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions then this special offer is for you.

Find out more information here

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