What Is Computer Hardware?

pc hardware

Computer hardware is the physical components of a computer system that make it work. This includes the hard drive, display monitor, keyboard, memory, motherboard, processor, and power supply.

There are also many different types of software that a computer uses. This is where you get the difference between hardware and software.


The Motherboard is an important piece of pc hardware that allows all the other pc hardware to work together. It also provides a way for power to be distributed and information to be delivered from one component to another.

It is responsible for delivering the CPU’s instructions to memory and storage devices. It is also a vital part of the computer’s booting process.

Generally, the motherboard includes ports for connecting a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer. It can also connect a number of other peripherals such as network cables and a pen drive.


Processors are the brains of a computer, and they work with other pc hardware to make sure everything runs smoothly. They also help speed up devices so people can get results fast and efficiently.

The processor consists of four components: the arithmetic/logic unit (ALU), floating point unit (FPU), registers, and cache memory. The ALU is responsible for executing instructions that the CPU receives.

The FPU is a specialized math coprocessor that manipulates numbers more quickly than the basic microprocessor circuitry can. The registers hold the instructions and data, and the cache memory stores the result of operations.


Memory is where the data and instructions that your computer needs to run are stored. This is why it’s important to have enough memory on your pc to run all of the software and programs you need.

The information is accessed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which is located on the motherboard of the computer.

It reads from RAM (Random Access Memory) and processes it, then writes new data back to RAM. This process happens millions of times a second, and it allows the CPU to run much more quickly than if it were working on long-term storage on your hard drive.

There are two main types of memory in a computer: primary and secondary. Primary memory includes ROM and RAM, which are located near the CPU on the motherboard.


Storage is a type of computer hardware that allows computers to store data for long periods of time. Whether you’re using a laptop or a desktop, your computer needs storage to save files and run applications.

Storage devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are designed to be internal or external. They are also available in different capacities, which vary from megabytes to several terabytes.

Storage devices fall into two categories: volatile and non-volatile storage. Volatile storage requires a continuous supply of electricity to retain digital information, while non-volatile storage is able to retain data even when there’s no power source.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is a component of pc hardware that processes and outputs images to the computer’s monitor. It is a printed circuit board that contains a graphics processing unit, or GPU, and video random access memory (VRAM).

The GPU is similar to the CPU, but is designed specifically for performing the mathematical and geometric calculations necessary to display images. It can process a tremendous number of instructions at once, drawing and redrawing images tens or even hundreds of times per second to ensure everything you see on your screen looks as smooth as possible.

It is the most powerful and complex component of a modern PC, rivaling or exceeding the CPU in performance. High-end graphics cards can handle any task you throw at them, from rendering ordinary graphics to displaying advanced 3-D effects in real time for computer games.

Optical Drive

The Optical Drive allows your computer to read and write information on discs like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. These drives are becoming rarer on new desktop and laptop computers, but they’re still found in many other devices, including video games.

A CD or DVD is a medium that holds digital data in the form of text or pictures. The optical drive uses a laser beam to read and write these discs.

The optical drive connects to the motherboard via a cable. This cable is usually included with the drive when it was purchased.