Top 5 PC Software Tools

pc software

Computer software is a program that performs tasks for a user. It includes applications used for productivity and the creation of things like a video game or a word processor. There are also tools that help you manage your computer system.

f.lux is a free program that reduces blue light from the screen, especially useful at night. It’s a great alternative to more expensive paid programs.


Speccy is a program that offers all the information you need about your computer. It includes data regarding the motherboard, RAM, HD, graphics and external devices. Created by Piriform, the company behind programs like CCleaner and Recuva, Speccy is a safe and reliable tool that will help you save time looking for specific data.

The sleek UI presents clear data, such as manufacturers, sizes and versions of components, so that anyone can quickly find what they’re looking for. Clicking any one of the displayed items calls up a more detailed view that speaks to operating conditions and statistics.

Another great function is the ability to publish a snapshot, which is an online version of your system info. This allows you to revisit data captured at a certain moment and is especially useful when attempting to understand what changes are being made at the hardware or software level. You can also print or save the data in a text file or XML.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one application that works to optimize, clean, speed up and protect your computer. The program utilizes a one-click interface to clean junk files, scan for viruses, defragment disks, boost internet speed and address security loopholes. It can also guard your privacy with a password-protected drive that hides files, programs, contacts and browsing history.

The program features a modern, clean interface that separates its core functions into tabs on the left side. Each tool and feature offers a short mouse-hover explanation and lets you click through for additional info and options.

The Optimize section helps to clean up junk, delete duplicates, manage Windows processes, and improve gaming performance. The Protection area can manage browser toolbars, help secure your PC against online threats, and customize Windows security settings. The Driver Booster feature can update out-of-date drivers to prevent crashes and boost overall performance.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a driver update program that can find outdated drivers on your computer and then download and install them. This can help reduce problems caused by outdated drivers, such as slow response times, poor sound quality and even network failures. It works in the background and is easy to use. It also backs up your drivers for safe restoration in case you need to revert to an earlier version. It can even update drivers while your system is offline.

IObit’s latest version of Driver Booster has an updated interface and includes more features. Its 200% larger database includes 3,000,000+ drivers and game components and passes WHQL to guarantee high-quality updates. The program can even automatically backup your drivers and restore them at a later time, as well as shut down unnecessary services and enable Windows Game Mode for better gaming performance. It also includes a scheduler and a 24/7 chat window to provide technical support.

Paragon Partition Manager

Whether you’re looking to manage, copy, move, or clone partitions, Paragon Partition Manager provides all of the tools you need to get the job done. It also offers a wide range of backup functions and a bootable recovery medium to help you restore a system in case of disaster.

The software features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate. It also comes with a freeware version that is more limited but still offers many of the same features.

The software can perform a number of important functions, such as resizing partitions, creating new ones, and converting MBR disks to GPT. It can also split or merge partitions to redistribute free space, align partitions to improve performance, and undelete missing partitions. It can even migrate a hard drive between computers without losing any data or installing and setting up the operating system. The program also supports a wide variety of file systems, including NTFS and ext4 as well as Linux XFS, BtrFS, ext2, and Ext3FS.