Top 5 PC Software

PC software consists of computer programs that enable the processing of input data. Input is given in complex human language and is converted by software into sets of instructions that are readable by a processor.

There are three types of computer software: system software, application software and utility software. Each performs different functions.


Speccy is a system information tool that gathers details about every component in your PC. The program is a freeware product from Piriform, and it works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. It can identify the hardware installed on your computer and display important data about them in a neatly organized panel.

Unlike other similar tools, Speccy saves the scan results directly as a snapshot or XML file for easy sharing. This allows you to compare hardware specs in a direct and clean manner, which is useful when considering a hardware upgrade or purchasing a new computer.

Speccy also displays information about your video card, CPU and RAM. It also lists your operating system, motherboard and audio devices. The program is a lightweight tool with a clean interface and works in real-time. Moreover, it identifies the software you have installed, so you can see what kind of games you’re running and what type of graphics you have.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a junk file cleaner, computer system optimizer, and privacy protecter. It features a modern-looking interface that’s easy to use and provides quick access to the main features of the program. The application also has a feature that stops programs and background processes from using RAM, making it a great way to speed up your PC.

It can identify and fix problems with the Windows Registry and privacy settings as well. It has a disk defragment function that can improve the performance of your hard drives by reorganizing files and data, which can help to make it easier to access frequently used programs and files.

Although most of the tools offered by IObit can be found in other programs, such as CCleaner or Malwarebytes, it does add more extras and has an intuitive layout. Besides the standard junk file cleaner and system optimization, it also has a registry scanner, antivirus protection, and software and driver updater.

Outbyte PC Repair

Using a lightweight scanner, this tool enables Windows features that can help prevent common vulnerabilities and improve stability. It also recommends effective tweaks to remove unneeded background processes that can use up memory, disk and CPU power, slowing performance. Similarly, some hard drives get bogged down with unused temporary and cache files that can take up gigabytes of space. PC Repair can remove these bloatware files. It also deletes tracking cookies that many websites use to send you targeted ads, preserving your privacy and security online.


CCleaner has four main modules that help you check your computer health situation, disable programs to speed up PC, update apps, and close security holes. However, the latest version of CCleaner enables collection options to monitor users’ system information by default and it could be a concern.

The free version of CCleaner offers standard privacy protection tools and basic cleaning, but the premium MacOS and Windows versions come with more advanced features. Its streamlined interface is easy to navigate and everything is clearly labeled.

Over time, your device accumulates unused files, temporary browsing data, and resource-hogging applications, which reduce its performance. Moreover, outdated software opens vulnerabilities that cyber criminals can exploit. CCleaner eliminates these problems and makes your device faster and more secure. It also helps you find and install missing drivers to improve hardware acceleration. It has an excellent reputation and is trusted by millions of users worldwide. In addition, it is easy to use and has a few clicks to clean the entire system.