Top 5 PC Software

pc software

Software is used to perform specific tasks on a computer. Examples include web browsers, email programs and games. Without these programs, computers would be useless.

There are three types of software: system software, utility software and application software. System software is closer to the computer system and is written in a low-level language. It runs in the background and is always running.


Speccy is an advanced system information tool for your computer. It offers a comprehensive report on your hardware, including details about the CPU, RAM, graphics card, and more. It also monitors temperature levels to keep your computer running at optimal speeds.

Developed by Piriform, the company behind popular tools such as CCleaner and Defraggler, Speccy is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. It has a neatly organized interface that lays out all the hardware and software information in one place. It also provides details about your operating system, SSD drives, optical drives, and other peripherals.

Another advantage of Speccy is its ability to take snapshots and export them as XML or TXT files. This allows you to easily share the data with others, which can be useful if you need help with a specific problem. Using this feature can also save you time and effort by not having to go through the process of installing and opening the program.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

The IObit Advanced SystemCare suite includes features for cleaning junk files, resolving registry issues, and optimizing your system. It also protects your privacy, blocks phishing and malicious sites, and clears browser trackers. Its modern-looking interface is easy to use and offers one-click maintenance for your PC.

Compared to other programs like CCleaner, IObit Advanced SystemCare has a more robust set of tools for speeding up your computer. It has a disk clean up and resize tool, a shortcut repairer, a file shredder and empty folder cleaner, and more.

Its Performance feature identifies slow areas of your computer and recommends fixes. It can also disable unnecessary startup items, stop processes with high CPU/RAM/disk usage, and release more RAM for faster response. It can also monitor your GPU/CPU/motherboard temperature and fan speed. It can even detect and update outdated drivers. Moreover, it has a Software Updater that updates 33% more outdated programs with one click. It can also optimize your Internet settings to help you get a faster connection.


Fortect is a powerful PC optimizer that fixes many common Windows problems like malware damage, junk files, and crashed programs. The software’s streamlined scanning and repairing process is easy to use for even non-expert users. It also includes a range of extra features like a system recovery option, a search function for deleted files and folders, and the ability to clear privacy traces from web browsers.

The software repairs damaged or corrupted operating system files without deleting personal data and without changing any user settings or applications. Its database of millions of Windows files and components helps it find the problem quickly. It can also replace files with clean copies so that your computer works properly again.

Fortect can also delete junk files, which are temporary logs and caches that can eat up memory and slow down the computer over time. The program can find and remove these files in one go, freeing up space and improving performance.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer is an all-in-one suite that provides a wealth of tools for monitoring, repairing and improving Windows systems. It includes a suite of cleaners, fixes registry errors and frees up disk space, alongside tools that can disabling telemetry and tracking features, protect against phishing and spyware attacks and remove unnecessary startup programs.

Its main scan from the homepage starts with a list of areas that can be cleaned (including internet cleaning, drive cleaning and privacy cleaning), with metrics like estimated disk space saved mounting as analysis progresses. From here it’s possible to either run all the cleaning modules or to inspect each area and decide whether to clean it or not.

The program’s interface has been upgraded to allow for easier use and clearer reporting. Fold-out category views give more details on demand, and running analyses can be canceled on the fly. Integration with the Windows Notification Center also means that users are notified when time-consuming analyses complete even while the program is minimized.