Top 5 Free PC Software Applications

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Having the right PC software on your system is important for ensuring that your system can perform at its best. PC software includes both computer programs and data associated with these programs. In addition to ensuring that your system is performing at its best, PC software can also provide valuable diagnostic information about your system.


Whether you have a Mac or PC, BleachBit can help you free up disk space. It is an open source program that cleans up the registry, removes junk files, and cleans your internet history.

BleachBit has a user-friendly interface that lets you customize your settings. In addition, it allows you to create your own scripts to automate features. You can also select files that you want to clean.

The program is able to clean up Windows applications, Mac applications, and Internet Explorer. It also has a feature to permanently remove unwanted folders and files. It can also protect you from data collecting applications.


Speccy PC software is a free tool that provides detailed information about your computer hardware. It allows you to view the temperature of your CPU, storage disk drive, and graphics card. It also lets you take a snapshot of your system so you can view the system details any time you need to.

Speccy’s interface is clean and simple. It provides a summary of the most important PC hardware on start-up. You can also take a snapshot and share it with your computer tech support team.

In the report, Speccy also gives you information about the motherboard, graphics card, peripherals, and operating system performance. It also includes information about the hard drive and network performance. You can save the report as a text file or XML file.

Toolwiz Time Freeze

Using a software application like Toolwiz Time Freeze is a good idea if you want to protect your computer from threats. Not only can it help to protect your PC from viruses and other malware, but it can also protect it from unwanted changes.

The application creates a virtual system environment which is designed to be safe and secure for downloading files. In addition, it can also help you test unknown applications without risking damage to your PC.

Time Freeze features several settings, including a customizable toolbar that allows you to switch between different operating systems. It also comes with a system tray icon that you can hide or display. It is also password protected, so that your computer is always safe.

TotalAV Antivirus

Designed to work quickly and efficiently, TotalAV Antivirus for PC software will scan your PC for malware. It also helps keep your online activity private. It includes features such as a password manager, malware detection and an identity protection system. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

To get started, download the TotalAV app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. The installer will prompt you to install the software. When it is done, it will display a list of regions to connect to.

TotalAV is a surprisingly lightweight application that will require minimal system resources. It runs in the background while you use your computer. It is also easy to schedule scans. You can run a standard smart scan, a quick scan or a full system scan.


Designed for Windows 9x and ME users, WinDirStat is a disk usage analyzer. The software helps you determine which files are taking up space on your hard drive, and allows you to delete them. It can also help you increase your PC’s speed by removing unwanted files.

The application’s interface is easy to use. You can choose which drives to scan, and the app will generate a report of disk usage. It also offers several customization options to help you pinpoint space-consuming files. The application offers three report formats, each of which provides different information.

The Treemap format offers a tree-like view of the directory. You can change the size and color of the subtrees. You can also change the scale factor. You can also right-click on a color to view the physical location.


Whether you’re looking to recover files from a lost partition, a deleted file, or an accidentally deleted word document, Recuva PC software can help. It’s designed to be a user-friendly, easy-to-use tool. It can scan for deleted files, restore damaged word documents, and even extract deleted files from external drives like USB drives.

Recuva has a simple wizard-like interface that guides users through the recovery process. The wizard offers options such as the types of files you wish to recover. It also asks you where you want to focus your recovery.

Recuva can restore deleted files from your hard drive, a memory card, or even a USB thumb drive. It’s capable of recovering audio, photos, video, and office documents. It even allows you to add recovery options to the context menu of your Windows Explorer.