The Importance of PC RAM

pc ram

Computer RAM is the part of a computer that stores information. Some applications need a lot of RAM to function properly, and more RAM means faster speeds. Basic programs like Word and Excel will run fine with 4GB of RAM, but more powerful applications require 8 to 16 GB of RAM. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will run, and the more programs you can run simultaneously.

When purchasing RAM, remember to consider the price. Generally, PC ram is cheaper than the CPU or motherboard. If you have the budget, consider purchasing a system with more RAM. DDR4 3200MHz RAM is popular for budget builds, while DDR4 2133MHz RAM is standard for mid-range builds. This type of memory is also supported by newer Intel processors.

RAM also helps the operating system and your programs run smoothly. It stores information that you recently accessed and loads them quickly. It can take several minutes to load Spotify or PowerPoint, but loading software from RAM makes it open almost instantly. This is because RAM is significantly faster than hard disk space. RAM is a vital part of your PC.

When you’re not using your PC, you can check your RAM’s size using a simple tool on your PC. Windows’ task manager provides a quick and easy way to check your system’s memory. It’s simple to find out the RAM size of your computer using the model and serial number of your system. In addition, you can view the number of physical memory slots on your system. If you have the space to do so, you can install more RAM. However, some PCs don’t have spare slots, so it might not be possible.

Most PCs allow you to add more RAM modules up to a certain limit. As long as you don’t exceed that limit, you shouldn’t over-extend your computer’s RAM. Having a limited amount of memory will slow your workflow and load times, especially if you are working on computationally intensive projects.

Most consumer-grade RAM modules have labels that identify what type of memory they are. The label is often a sticker on the RAM stick, or it may be engraved on the heat spreader for higher performance modules. Typically, it also includes a part number, which you can look up using your favorite search engine.