The Best PC Software

The best pc software are collections of code that put the dumb hardware in your computer to smart use. These programs can do everything from balancing your household budget to curing cancer.

The slick user interface of WinOptimizer 19 makes it easy for novice users to declutter their PC while the real-time optimisation and extra tools appeal to tech-savvy customers. However, it lacks a single PC option and has a high asking price.

1. VLC Media Player

The free open source VLC Media Player is a powerful multimedia framework. It supports a wide range of audio and video file formats. It also includes a set of filters that can manipulate videos by rotating them, syncing them, and more.

In addition to playing files, the software can also rip DVDs and stream content over the internet. It can also work as a server program to serve video over a local network.

One of the main advantages of VLC over other media players is its ability to play almost any type of video file without needing external codecs. It can even play m2t MPEG transport streams, which are typically used for high definition videos. This makes it a good choice for people who want to watch HD videos without the need for specialized software.

2. Rambox

Rambox is a digital workspace organizer that boosts productivity for professionals who use web applications frequently. It centralizes and personalizes application notifications and simplifies app management, minimizing non-value-added tasks and improving device performance.

You can add custom applications to the Rambox menu with just one click, making it easy to work with your favorite tools. This feature is particularly useful for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who spend long hours online and want to streamline their workflows and improve concentration.

Rambox also enables users to access web applications through SAML, which makes it possible for employees to log in with their company email and then automatically connect all the apps in their workspaces. In addition, they can customize the appearance of their workspaces and add a password for security.

3. ClipClip

ClipClip can be used by any kind of person who uses copy and paste – engineers, lawyers, accountants, managers, office clerks, salespersons, etc. This program can make them more productive by allowing them to organize and search their clipboard history.

Among its many features, it offers password protection for private folders for users to keep their most sensitive data secure and away from others. Other features include a built-in image editor tool that lets users edit their clipped images or add text annotations.

Moreover, it allows users to synchronize clips via their favorite cloud storage service. This allows them to share or access their clipped items remotely with team members or any other device. The software can also export any clipped text as a plain or formatted rich text document or as a PDF file.

4. ShareX

ShareX is a free-of-charge screen capture program that enables various means of capturing or recording the display. It offers more functions than other similar free-of-charge utilities such as Greenshot, Snipping Tool++, and MWSnap. This is because ShareX also comes with a suite of image and video editing tools.

It provides the usual image capturing functions such as rectangle, window, and monitor, but it also has extra features like screen recording and scrolling capture. It also allows uploading text and files. It has a variety of customization options, including keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

Its additional tools include a color picker, image editor, image converter, and a ruler. The latter can help users measure on-screen objects and make composite images. It can also provide details such as pixel size, color depth, and FPS.

5. File Extractor

A file extractor is a type of software program that opens archive files and restores the contents to their original form. Often, files are compressed (or “zipped”) into an archive format to save space on storage devices or over the Internet.

It has many useful functions including locating raw text data in any kind of document (including scanned disk images). All text is saved as “Raw Text (Plain)” for easy access.

It supports a wide range of archive formats, can repair broken archives, and is easily integrated into the right-click context menu in Windows. It also offers a variety of security features, including two factor authentication and encrypted password management. It can also export archive tasks as command line scripts. Moreover, it can find duplicate files and calculate hashes.