The Best Free PC Software of the Past 17 Years

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The number of personal computers sold globally is expected to surpass 450 million units by 2020. Several factors, including Pandemic, work at home and the emergence of new technologies, are driving the growth of the personal computer. Every computer requires some kind of software to function properly. These programs include operating systems, applications, programs, and games. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular PC software over the past 17 years.

CPU-Z: This advanced system information tool is created by the creators of CCleaner. This free program provides detailed information on various system components, including the motherboard, graphics, storage, optical drives, and peripherals. It also helps monitor temperatures and voltages. SpeedFan is another useful utility to monitor temperature and voltage. This utility is an excellent choice if you’re a fanatic. While these applications may not be essential, they can improve your computer’s performance.

Video driver: A video driver program is required for a computer to use the graphics hardware. The video driver program will allow the operating system to use the graphics hardware. Most video drivers come with the hardware that they support. In addition to graphics drivers, computer hardware can also support various types of audio devices. In short, a computer needs to be compatible with a wide range of hardware, including video cards. To find out which hardware is compatible with your computer, you can go online and look up video driver programs.

VLC Media Player: This open-source video player supports nearly every audio and video format. It can be downloaded when setting up a PC and replaces QuickTime, which hasn’t been supported on Windows for a long time. Screenshot software: Taking screenshots on your Windows computer allows you to record important information or funny moments. Basic screenshot apps provide barebones features, but a premium version offers many features.

Pocket PC: A pocket PC is a handheld computer that runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, or may run an alternative operating system. Pocket PCs are similar to desktop computers in terms of functionality and software, and many applications are freeware. Microsoft-compliant Pocket PCs allow users to install and use many software add-ons. You can install Windows CE on these devices. The software for pocket PCs is very diverse. It is easy to download and install.

Ninite: Another great free PC software program, Ninite makes the installation of free software on new computers simple. Users can choose from dozens of options, such as custom.exe files. The software will install programs in order and decline offers for bundled bloatware. However, it is important to understand the risks associated with using free software. There are a lot of free alternatives available, but the best solution for most people is Ninite.

PC Tools: Although PC Tools has been renamed as a company, the name relates to a series of DOS software utilities. It is developed by Central Point Software. Its 4.0 version changed the user interface to resemble a PC BOSS. It was previously monochrome. It is now called PC Tools Deluxe. Its graphical shell was also changed to a colorful one. And its price was also reduced.