How to Increase Your PC RAM

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If you have ever wondered how to increase your PC’s RAM, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to do it, including memory boosting, but it’s important to know that most of them don’t work. In fact, they’re just a waste of money.


CPUID’s CPU-Z for PC ram is a freeware system profiling application that gathers and provides accurate hardware information. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Among its many features, it can also perform stress tests and benchmarking to give users an idea of how their PC’s performance varies.

With CPU-Z, you can view and analyze all your hardware’s specifications, including CPU, RAM, and GPU. You can also use it for troubleshooting.

In addition, you can use it to share your results and statistics with other users. The CPU-Z community can also help you validate your system’s settings.

As a free software application, CPU-Z is available for Windows and Android. It is compatible with most processors on the market. There are also portable versions of the program that can be run without installation.


DDR4 is the newest generation of SDRAM for PC. It was released in 2014. The technology’s improved speed and bandwidth have made it possible to run more applications and games at the same time, without experiencing any sluggishness.

Aside from its superiority in performance, the memory also offers improved data integrity. This means that it can work with more modern CPUs and motherboards.

In addition, DDR4 is a more efficient option compared to DDR3 because it has a higher transfer rate. It is capable of transferring up to 3,200 MT/s.

Another benefit of DDR4 is that it requires less power. With its increased capacity, it also provides a larger memory size per module.

While both DDR3 and DDR4 offer a good level of data transfer, DDR4 has a higher speed and lower operating voltage. For example, it uses a maximum of 1.2 Volts, which is better than DDR3.

But while DDR4 is the best choice for gaming, it isn’t the best for normal PC users. Most people don’t need more than 8 GB of RAM.


ECC RAM, or Error-Correcting Code RAM, is a type of memory that uses an advanced algorithm to identify and correct data errors. It is generally used in high-end servers and graphics workstations.

ECC RAM is more expensive than non-ECC RAM. In addition, it can cause a small performance hit. This means it is only recommended for mission-critical applications.

Single-bit errors can lead to a number of problems. These include garbled files, data corruption, and system crashes. Even small errors can damage a computer.

ECC RAM corrects read and write errors. It can also mitigate side channel attacks.

ECC RAM is available only on specialized motherboards. It also requires an extra chip and BIOS support. A CPU may also require additional processing to handle ECC.

A single bit error can be caused by temperature changes, electrical interference, or impact shock. Detecting these errors automatically isn’t always possible.


Speccy PC ram is a powerful PC diagnostic tool. It is free to download, and will give you an overall view of your computer hardware and software. You can also use Speccy to make a snapshot of your system, and use it for troubleshooting purposes.

Speccy PC ram has a clean user interface and offers a concise overview of your computer. It lists your RAM, hard drive, processor, motherboard, and graphics card. In addition, you can get information about your desktop monitors, audio, and optical drives. If you’re buying a new PC, you can use Speccy to check its specs.

Speccy offers a real-time summary report that includes information on your operating system, network performance, and system components. In addition, it provides an overview of your system’s temperature. This is helpful if you’re looking to upgrade your PC, or you’re trying to identify problems in your PC.

RAM boosters are placebos

It’s not surprising that many of us are skeptical of claims that a particular application will deliver more bang for our buck. This is especially true for newer generations of the ubiquitous PC. The competition is fierce, with the latest and greatest vying for the highest price tag. Luckily for discerning tech savvy consumers, there are a myriad of applications that deliver the goods with little more than a click of the mouse. If you’re lucky enough to have access to one, you’ll be rewarded with a smoother, faster, and more reliable computer. A few tweaks and adjustments are all it takes to make your PC feel like new. And the best part is, it’s free!

While the above mentioned products do a fine job at their respective tasks, if you’re in the market for a new desktop PC, it’s time to take a close look at the latest and greatest. After all, your business deserves the best.