Free Windows PC Software

There’s a lot of free software available for Windows PC users. From photo viewer technology to antivirus programs. Some are even useful for backing up your computer. Clonezilla is a highly recommended backup software.

A computer without software is like a book with blank pages and no ink. It needs software to make it functional, just as words are needed to give a book meaning.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a cross-platform multimedia player that plays most audio & video file formats. It also supports DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. The program’s interface is highly customizable and features a menu bar on the top with access to most of its functions.

Among its many features is frame by frame playback that slows down a video and allows the user to observe a scene or an object within it. Another useful feature is its ability to detect audio/video sync issues and adjust them.

VLC also supports codec options and screen rations that correct problems such as pixelated videos on PC screens. Other features include a full collection of filters, effects, and advanced subtitle support. The program is easy to use and requires no additional plugins.


Boosting productivity within the dynamic realm of community management, Rambox unifies an array of applications into a streamlined interface. It allows community managers to enlist the essential tools for their roles, refining workflow and strengthening team communication.

Customizable workspaces enable community managers to reorganize applications to suit their individual needs. This approach helps them maintain order, minimizing the risk of overlooking critical messages or deadlines. It also lets them customize notifications, including desktop alerts and sound alerts, for each workspace or app.

With the integration of Grammarly and Translate extensions, community managers can correct grammatical errors and translate documents for broader audience reach and effectiveness. These features further enhance their communications and professional discourse across social media interactions and project documents.

Clipboard Manager

A clipboard manager is a piece of software that records all content you copy across programs and windows. It then gives you extended access to this data and functionality. It can be pinned to a custom shortcut and can help you paste text with or without formatting, edit and organize your favorite snippets, and much more.

Many clipboard apps also let you blacklist or whitelist specific apps — so that it doesn’t save your passwords, for instance – or adjust how many items are remembered. Some even sync across devices, so you can paste and access the same snippets anywhere!

Free clipboard managers can be a great option, but premium ones have more features that can be useful to businesses. The benefit of paid options is that there’s a commercial incentive to keep the product up to date and secure.


ShareX is a free screen capture software program that allows users to upload photos and other files to several online destinations. The program also provides other tools like an image editor and a video recorder.

The program offers a variety of different capture methods, including full-screen, window, region, scrolling capture, and text capture. It also includes features such as the ability to show or hide the cursor, set a timer to delay capture, and perform OCR on captured text.

The program also provides additional productivity tools, such as a color picker and a ruler. The color picker can be activated by pressing a hotkey, and it displays the selected color’s RGB, CMYK, or HEX values. The ruler is an easy-to-use tool for measuring onscreen elements.

File Extractor

File Extractor is a free file archiver software program that is highly efficient and easy to use. It is an open-source program that works well on both Windows and Mac. Its unique set of features includes fast extraction, compression, and splitting archives into smaller files. It also supports multiple file formats and can handle large files.

It has the ability to identify all types of data stored in your files, including valid text. This allows you to save valuable storage space by removing invalid files and folders. It can also detect if any of your files have been deleted or modified.

This tool can be used to open and extract over 200 different archive formats. It can also be used to compress files using advanced algorithms.