Free PC Software to Make Your Computer Easier to Use

pc software

There are a lot of different programs that can make your computer much easier to use. Some are obvious, like video software, while others help keep your computer running smoothly.

Some PC software, like CPU-Z, helps you keep track of your hardware specifications. Other programs, like MSI Afterburner, offer a way to overclock your hardware for improved performance potential.

1. Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup is a comprehensive backup system that can back up your entire computer, specific disks and partitions, or individual files. It can also encrypt your backups for enhanced security, and it offers the ability to validate each backup to ensure that you’re getting all of your data back.

Users can choose to backup their data to a local device, the Acronis cloud, or a network device. The service also includes a number of other system utilities, including the ability to create rescue disks and to clone drives.

2. Plex

Plex combines your personal media library with streaming content from a variety of sources. It also enriches your library with descriptions, posters and album covers, and makes it easy to pick up where you left off on any device.

The free Plex app can stream video from a compatible server running on Windows, Mac or Linux, or from a NAS. It can also sync your offline media to mobile devices for use when disconnected from the internet.

3. CrashPlan

CrashPlan automatically backs up files and continuously monitors for new and changed data without user intervention. It keeps unlimited historic versions of backed up files, giving you the ability to recover deleted or overwritten files.

File recovery is simple, though the process can be lengthy depending on how many files you want to download. A web-based restore console allows you to monitor your backup status and initiate a restore from anywhere you have access to internet.

Technical support is available via live chat or phone during normal business hours.

4. Paragon Backup

Free backup software is a crucial piece of PC software to keep your data safe in case of an unexpected event. Developed by Paragon, known for its excellent Hard Disk Manager suite of utility tools, this tool does the job with minimal fuss.

You can run full, incremental or differential backups and set them up to be saved on different locations. Moreover, you can mount archives as virtual drives to facilitate universal access and restore operations. Besides, you can choose between various file-level options and leverage widely supported ZIP compression and Microsoft VHDs for storage.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox uses 256-bit AES encryption for file data protection in the cloud and during transit. This helps protect files from hackers and other malicious entities.

Easily share files using links or a desktop app that allows for drag and drop. Create and name folders, customize sharing permissions and add teammates.

Selective Sync helps users save space by choosing which folders to sync on a device. Business plans include features like a file recovery option, integrated cloud content (including Microsoft Office), text search and branded web previews.

6. LastPass

LastPass makes it easy to save, autofill and generate passwords, as well as store notes, files and payment cards. Account information is stored in an encrypted vault that syncs across desktop, mobile and web browsers.

The zero-knowledge encryption method means that the decryption key is stored on your device, not on LastPass servers. This is an important factor in protecting your data from hackers even if the company gets breached. A password hint is also provided to help you recover your password if necessary.

7. Movavi Video Suite

Featuring a wide range of visual effects and tools, Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one program for recording and editing videos. It also includes file conversion tools and supports a broad range of formats.

Users can edit audio with beat detection, adjust color settings and create a mood with the included library of presets. Its zoom features let you focus on a specific point of footage, and it offers titles for overlaying text and stickers. The current version, v2023, has AI-based features including background removal and noise reduction.

8. Ninite

Ninite is a website that offers a huge list of free programs for Windows. It has everything from system tools to media applications and compression utilities.

It can save you a lot of time by automatically installing and updating all the programs that you select. It doesn’t offer any toolbars or other junkware during the installation process.

The one-click installers that it creates are also safe to run on a relative’s computer since it can be scheduled to update software on a regular basis.