Best Free PC Software to Speed Up Your PC

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PCs get clogged up and slow down over time, and the best free software for this is a system optimizer. This can scan for junk files, tidy up the registry and clear browser cookies – all through a simple dashboard.

It’s hard to beat ShareX, a free screenshot tool that has loads of capture methods and extra tools like a color picker. However, if you want something simpler, try PicPick.


Speccy is a system information tool from the same developers of CCleaner and offers detailed hardware analysis. It has an easy to use interface that displays the information you need on your computer’s internal and external components. It can also evaluate the temperature on your motherboard and storage device to check for overheating issues.

The program is lightweight and requires no installation. You can easily run it from a USB drive and access the information you need at any time. It will not interfere with any other software or hardware on your system. It is a great tool for computer enthusiasts and systems administrators.

The program can be used to find out the details of your CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard drives and disk drives. It can even provide information about the version of your operating system and installed drivers. This is useful if you are trying to resolve any stability or performance problems with your PC. It can also create technical reports that you can share with other users or technicians.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one suite of PC tools to help keep your system running smoothly. The application features multiple optimization tools to clean old temporary files, junk files and invalid registry entries that can cause your PC to slow down. It also safeguards your computer from online threats and prevents browser tracking.

The program has a nice modern interface that separates its core functions into tabs down the left-hand side. Each tool and feature has a short description or mouse-hover explanation to highlight what it does. The main care section has a large scan button that performs a quick, basic scan and then suggests fixes. This includes deleting junk, optimizing startup items, and defragging the hard drive.

Other key features include a program uninstaller, system file checker and repair, empty folder search and shredder, startup manager, a game booster (stops unnecessary processes during gaming), disk cleanup utility and a duplicate files finder. A system information display is also included.


Fortect is a comprehensive and effective Windows optimization tool that works on multiple levels. It first gathers crucial system information to create a profile, helping the program customize its scan and repair strategy to your particular hardware configuration. It then moves on to the Windows registry, analyzing it for errors and broken entries that can cause problems with third-party applications. Finally, it looks for privacy traces left behind by applications and websites, identifying and removing them to help protect your digital security.

It can also identify and remove junk files, which can take up valuable space on your hard drive and slow down your PC over time. It can also find and replace missing or damaged DLL files without affecting your personal data or installed programs. It can also fix blue screen errors and other common problems that can cause your computer to crash. It’s a great addition to your computer maintenance toolkit and can be used in conjunction with your antivirus software to keep your PC safe from malware and other threats.


CCleaner cleans junk files and frees up space on your computer, which improves its performance. It also clears your browsing history and other data that could be used to track you online. It also helps you get more from your PC by removing unnecessary applications, closing security holes and updating software drivers.

As your computer ages it accumulates unused files, broken settings and resource-hogging applications that slow it down. CCleaner’s patented Registry cleaner makes your computer more stable, while Driver Updater keeps on top of unruly, out-of-date software drivers.

CCleaner also includes an advanced system scanner that finds and identifies programs that may be slowing down your computer. It then allows you to disable them or remove them, making your computer faster and more responsive. The newest version of CCleaner also features a new Performance Optimizer that freezes unnecessary background activity, speeds up downloads and streaming, boosts gaming, and more. It also closes security holes, removes tracking cookies and other spyware and provides protection against malware and viruses.