Top Sales Techniques to Increase Sales

increase sales

As a salesperson, you’re always on the lookout for actionable ideas that can help drive more sales for you and your organization. No matter how good they are, your products won’t sell themselves. Below are ten sales techniques you need to be using every day to maximize your sales and grow your brand.

Don’t Sell Products That You Would Not Buy

The first rule of effective selling is this: don’t sell junk. You can’t build a new business or grow an existing one by selling inferior products and services. This may have been possible in the past, but today you just can’t get away with it – and that’s a good thing. If you’re selling junk products or low-quality services, word will get around quickly, and nobody will want to buy from you.

build relationshipsBuild Relationships

It’s a lot easier and cheaper to sell to current customers than it is to attract new customers. So the best way to get customers to come back for more is to gain their trust. You do that buy offering quality products and services and by being honest with your customers. People buy from companies and salespeople they trust. Build long lasting relationships with your current customers and new ones. People spread the word, they make your product known, so build relationships with customers.

Increase Perceived Value

Effective marketers will present their products in a way that demonstrates their quality. Don’t shoot for the bottom of the barrel, but instead push quality products to buyers who can afford higher price points. Create a positive buying experience for the customer, and they’ll be more willing to pay the price.

Have A Unique Selling Proposition

To outsell your competitors, you must stand out from the masses. Find a way to distinguish yourself from other companies, by offering a unique product, a unique service or a unique sales experience. You must find ways to be memorable, so if your product isn’t unique, then you must provide that uniqueness yourself in the way you engage your customers.

Go For The Upsell

Don’t leave money on the table by selling a single product and then walking away. Always offer something more, whether it’s a cheaper supplemental product or even a higher-priced item or service. The first sale is always the hardest, but once the customer is in a buying mood, see what else you can interest them in. Upgrade the service, offer additional accessories, etc.

Offer Customer Rewards

Everybody loves a deal, so reward your customers by giving them incentives to keep bringing their business to you. Repeat sales are the lifeblood of a successful business.

customer feedbackGather Customer Feedback

Don’t just take the money and run. Always follow up with your customer after the sale to see how happy they are with their purchase and to offer any assistance or troubleshooting. If the customer is happy with your product and service – or at least with your interest in resolving any issues – then following up can open doors to future sales down the road.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Always go above and beyond the customer’s expectations and over-deliver on your promises. They’ll remember you when go out of your way to help them. And they’ll also remember you when you don’t.

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