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link exchange

Link Exchange Description
Defined Link exchange is a confederation composed of different websites, where webmasters must register their websites with a central organization that operates the link exchange. Registered websites receive HTML code to insert into their websites, which creates a link that leads to related websites registered to the link exchange, granting extra popularity to each of the registered websites. Once registered, a link exchange member would have to create the HTML code that will link to their own website.
Applied While people would usually have to seek out others to build a link exchange with and register as members, place links on your site and have them do the same, and verify and maintain these links, link exchange managers do all of the hard work for you. An example of a link exchange manager is TelaLinks, who handle the search and registration for new members and connect you to a link exchange network composed of thousands of different registered websites for free. They provide as many links to your website as you do to the other registered sites, which keeps everything balanced. And they do all of this themselves, with only a small amount of work on your part at the beginning.
Advantages There are a variety of benefits in being a member of a link exchange. You’re granted a number of quality back-links to your website, which effectively helps your site to rank higher on Google and other search engines. In link exchanges featuring similar websites, you’re brought in a highly targeted readership, which also helps to improve and benefit your search engine rankings and increases the popularity of your site. It is important to find high-quality link exchange groups because joining a low-quality group can actually hurt your search engine rankings. A good link exchange manager should be able to help you find the best groups available.